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Ground mount, roof mount, wind turbines and combination systems. RUSolar has been operating as a solar supplier and installer for over a decade.

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Solar Financing is easy. We’ve got the forms and the banking connections.
Solar Financing
The Sun is Free ...Electricity is not. RUSolar Construction can help you to acheive your energy independence.  If you are a contractor, we can help you with the materials and the paperwork. If you are a small business, RUSolar can help you reduce your power expense. If you are a homeowner, we can help you reduce your monthly electric bill. RUSolar is not one of the big guys. We’re small fry, but we’re totally committed to helping you by reducing your energy costs and your dependence on the utility infrastructure. To that end, we design, install, and maintain residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural photovoltaic solar systems in California and Arizona. We do our own engineering and provide innovative and unique solutions.  We support our contractor partners with project financing, material, and sales support. RUSolar is your one-stop solar partner distributor.
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Licensed Electrical


RUSolar will design the system for you, give you the quote to sell and provide sales and technical support..
Commercial Solar  Use your roof top, parking lot structure, or ground lot to set up your solar system.  RUSolar installs systems from 50KW to 500KW.
Commercial PV

RUSolar Construction Corporation - bringing Photovoltaic Solar to Southern California and Arizona